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I am happy to highlight some exciting news that my fellow Citrix Technology Advocate Mark Plettenberg has kindly shared with myself. Those of you who are familiar with my 4 part optimisation series found in the below links will already know the advantages of using this software.

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The blogs highlight the  benefits of Login PI to simulate real world workloads in real time in your Xenapp environments. You will now be happy to hear that this software as of version Login PI version 2.1 now has a new predictive capability. That is right this software has gone all Mystic Meg!

Introducing predictive power

Login PI’s virtual users run their workflows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These virtual users work in an extremely consistent manner, which allows them to detect even the smallest variations in system performance. Alerts are automatically triggered when performance thresholds are exceeded or when logons/applications do not work as expected. This lets administrators detect user-experience problems outside business hours while also helping them to minimize costly disruptions and downtime during business hours.

The new predictive capability of Login PI adds an extra dimension to the administrator’s capability to act proactively in preventing performance and availability problems. Where Login PI provided graphic representations of performance trends up to now, this new capability adds the option to extrapolate future trends (up to one month). This enables an even earlier warning system as the potential convergence of increasing latency trend lines and pre-defined thresholds can now be predicted in advance.

“The combination of our virtual user based 24/7 testing, using 100% consistent workloads, and this new prediction capability, will enhance performance and availability of virtualized desktop environments dramatically.” says Eric-Jan van Leeuwen, CEO of Login VSI.

The new predictive capability is available today in Login PI version 2.1. Existing Login PI users can upgrade to the new version for free at  https://www.loginvsi.com/downloads/login-pi.

New users can download a trial version of Login PI that includes the new capability at https://www.loginvsi.com/free-trial-request.

About Login PI

Where traditional monitoring systems only watch system health when real users are present, Login PI’s virtual user technology verifies desktop infrastructure performance and availability 24/7, without the need for real end-user activity. This approach offers an early warning system of potential problems in end-user experience, before real users experience these problems and business processes are affected.

Login PI is used by both enterprises and government organizations that run their key user processes on virtualized desktop environments, such as VMware Horizon, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop and Microsoft RDS. Login PI offers detailed insight into every aspect of end-user performance, such as logon performance and availability, application performance and availability, and network performance and protocol latency.

The screen shots below highlight the latest features.

  • Predicted Login Times

  • Predicted Latency
  • Predicted Workloads

This is a great addition to the product and I predict that you will like it to. After all, I know these things as I can now see in to the future!

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