A CTA’s Personal Note of Thanks to the Citrix Community

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I made a conscious decision to improve my life not so long back. This involved improving my health through fitness, organising my time better and getting involved in general.
I am not an astronaut, actor or rock star (only in my head) but rather than be disgruntled about this I decided to like what it is that I do. It is to this end my relationship with my work improved and I started developing an interest in Citrix technologies.
I have been really influenced by the shift from knowledge hoarders to knowledge sharers and the contributions these people make to help their fellow peers. The game here is not about knowing it all but about learning, listening and sharing.
With some encouragement from fellow CTP Dave Brett (@dbretty) whom I had the pleasure of working with and the influential fountain of knowledge that is Mr Lyndon Jon Martin (@lyndonjonmartin) and some extra work effort I put in I have achieved this goal of becoming a Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA).
I also have a personal reason that I decided to push myself and I did not want to be constrained or stop myself from achieving my goals. I will not let my fears govern me, nor should anyone. After all, didn’t someone once say we have nothing to fear but fear itself?
The Citrix user community has taken off and there are so many of you who have provided answers and helped relieve the stress of our day to day problem solving. I will get the chance to work with peers whose work I deem exceptional and the bonus is it will be shared.
So, on a closing note I just want to say a big thank you to Citrix and the CTA program for recognising the community and lastly, I wish to salute all the sharers, helpers and contributors out there.
Further blog posts coming soon!

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