Login PI and Xenapp Optimisation – Part 3

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Login PI Dashboard

Let me take you through the Dashboard for Login PI.

Once you have configured your information in the initial setup as described in part 2 of my blog posts here http://wp.me/p8leEE-9M
and you have run your workloads we get a nice graphical console showing us useful insights.

You can see your login success rate, performance and Application performance.

We can see the response times of our configured workloads.

Scrolling down the console we can see the following collected statistics.

- Avg latency for the last 24 hours

- Alerts for the last 24 hours

- Avg login for last 8 hours

- Alerts for the last hour

The time for each can be adjusted to 1hr, 2hr, 8hr, 24hr,1 week.

If we highlight some data in the GUI we will be presented with further information.

The picture below shows the details in the Avg latency section.

This highlights memory was at 86%.

The next example breaks down the login times over a 24 hr time period. Remember the time period is adjustable.

In the initial setup you set threshold values. Any time these threshold values are exceeded you can configure e mail notifications to go out to your IT.

Explanation on threshold values:

For certain applications, you might want to know how long it takes to respond or perform a workload action. This section lets you customise thresholds for each action, so you receive an alert regarding any overrun. The thresholds for non-customised values will be calculated as “Median * (100_Auto Threshold)%”.

To set the default threshold value that applies to all workload actions, simply adjust the Auto Thresholds slider

To set a specific threshold for each workload action, enter the appropriate value (in seconds) in the relevant Threshold value field and turn on the Actions switch at the end of each row.
The email configuration settings are shown below.The settings are self explanatory.

We can see all alerts exceeding thresholds highlighted in the console.

So, now we have familiarity with the Login PI Dashboard feature which provides very useful stats and alerts to provide proactive support.

The next section of posts will provide results of a 2016 non optimised image and then optimised using the Citrix Optimiser tool.

We will take a look at the comparison of the 2016 images via the dashboard insights of Login PI and Citrix Director.

Lets get optimising!

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