Troubleshooting VDA Migration from 6.5 to 7.13

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Choosing the option to let the 7.13 installation media remove Xenapp 6.5 resulted in a 1603 error.

Error 1603 and the details.


The VDA at this point did not install on the 2008R2 O/S.

I then installed the VDA from the Xenapp 7.13 ISO.

A few install errors appeared but the install carried through once you hit OK.

Interesting to note I checked to see the VDA was registered in XA7 Studio Console and indeed it was.

Problems continued and I was unable to launch any applications.

Checked STA configuration.

Checked Firewall.

Checked install logs in %AppData% on the VDA. (Local folder)

Because I knew there was a problem when installing the VDA on Server 2008r2 image I uninstalled the VDA software and any left over XA6.5 components.

From this point the VDA installed cleanly along with Receiver.

My apps could now be launched.

I will make another attempt at this to see if I can cleanly upgrade the VDA otherwise I will resort to a manual uninstall of 6.5.

I will update this post soon.

I know this is not rocket science but hopefully it will help someone.

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