Troubleshooting VDA Migration from 6.5 to 7.13

Choosing the option to let the 7.13 installation media remove Xenapp 6.5 resulted in a 1603 error.

Error 1603 and the details.


The VDA at this point did not install on the 2008R2 O/S.

I then installed the VDA from the Xenapp 7.13 ISO.

A few install errors appeared but the install carried through once you hit OK.

Interesting to note I checked to see the VDA was registered in XA7 Studio Console and indeed it was.

Problems continued and I was unable to launch any applications.

Checked STA configuration.

Checked Firewall.

Checked install logs in %AppData% on the VDA. (Local folder)

Because I knew there was a problem when installing the VDA on Server 2008r2 image I uninstalled the VDA software and any left over XA6.5 components.

From this point the VDA installed cleanly along with Receiver.

My apps could now be launched.

I will make another attempt at this to see if I can cleanly upgrade the VDA otherwise I will resort to a manual uninstall of 6.5.

I will update this post soon.

I know this is not rocket science but hopefully it will help someone.

Citrix Cloud – Part 5

This article will discuss the smart tool known as Smart Migrate.

We have already covered Smart Check and Smart Scale in previous articles so now it is time to talk about this tool which helps with your Xenapp 6.x to 7.x migrations.

Log in to the Citrix Cloud and let’s go through the purple window (Influenced there by a historical children’s program)

Once you click on Smart Migrate you can see or add additional projects.

If we click Add Project we can get started creating the migration.

Name your project.

We will chose the Fully Automated option.

Next you get clear instruction of the steps involved in order to carry out a successful migration.

Once you have digested the above click Next.

Now we are going to connect our Xenapp 7.x delivery Controller to the Workspace Cloud/Citrix Cloud.

We are unable to see our Delivery Controller so we need to download an agent.

The screenshot below highlights yet again clear instruction on how to do this.

Once the above is carried out you should be able to highlight your controller.

Once again if you do not see your XA6.x controller carry out the agent install on your XA6.x controller.

You can now choose the XA6.x controller and put in your Administrative Farm credentials.


Once you have agents installed on your XA6.x Controller we can start the Farm analysis.

At this point Smart Migrate will collect all data about your applications and their properties as well as any policies in your environment.


I came across an issue where my analysis of my XA6.x Farm would fail.

The Smart Migrate tool will provide you with logs so you are able to analyze the reason for failure.

In my case I had an invalid server entry with an application.

You can selectively choose the servers and the applications published to them that you wish to migrate to the Xenapp 7.x environment. You are also able to do this with policies when choosing the analyzed policies tab.

In order to fix this issue you have to look at using the Dscheck utility within an elevated cmd prompt in your XA6.x Farm.

To check any invalid entries in my Xenapp 6.x database:

Dscheck /full apps < c:\apps\apps.txt

I investigated the .txt file and I then ran the following to clean the apps.

DSCHECK /full apps /clean

This allowed Smart Tools to complete the analysis.

Proceeding on you should now see your XA6.x Farm data for apps and policies.

Once you have chosen your desired apps/policies you can Proceed to Migration.

You are also able to create a new Delivery Group within the XA7.x environment or choose an existing one to migrate the settings in to.


My migration failed and the following error was seen.

The fix for the above was the following:

The Citrix Common Commands is from the XenApp 6.5 SDK which was removed from 7.13, but can be re-installed by downloading and installing the 6.5 SDK.

In my case I downloaded the following to the XA7.x controller:

Once this was done I could successfully continue and migrate my applications from XA6.x to XA7.x using Smart Tools.

Take my word for it the apps and policies migrated in to the chosen delivery groups and icons, users were all correct. No need to faff around with permissions.

Nice and easy and you will agree saves a lot of time.

Please read about Smart Scale and Smart Check here: