Citrix Cloud – Part 4

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Smart Scale

This post will discuss one of the Smart Tools available with Citrix Cloud called Smart Scale.

Basically, the tool allows you to connect to your site via an agent that you download on your controllers and provide an overview of your delivery groups and machines.

The screen shot below shows my site already added along with others.

Agent Install

Clicking Add Site will prompt you to download an agent with clear instruction.

Once you have installed the agent (nothing complex – just next, next) you will see your site and can enter it by clicking View Site.

Drilling in to Site Details

Within the next screen, you will see the below tabs.

You will also see a variety of graphs.

Estimated Savings

Capacity Utilization

Machines (On)

Machines in Maintenance Mode

Sessions (Capacity)

Load Index

You can drill further into the graphs and view sessions and get an idea of when they launched and finished.

In the graph below, we can see that one machine is switched on in the delivery group but we did have two. Around 5.40 the machine went down.

This can be explained in my case by the next rather cool feature of Smart Scale and that is controlling how many Xenapp machines you want on during certain time frames.

Clicking the configure tab shown here you can manage this.


Schedules and Capacity Management

The following screen shows that I can control session count on my servers.

We can also control schedule based scaling!

Clicking the Create New tab

….. we are presented with this screen.

We have a variety of options to configure such as the minimum number of machines you wish to keep alive.

We also can create a custom time schedule for our machines in the delivery group.

Once you have created your schedule by clicking Create it will be listed under the Schedules title.

We can create multiple schedules that will control how many machines are up.

Heading back to the initial Smart Scale page for your site, you can see under Machine Activity events such as Smart Scale bringing down the servers due to a preconfigured Schedule I had.

This is verified by looking in my Studio console on my Delivery Controller.


The Events tab is self-explanatory

Site Details gives me an overview of my Delivery Controllers and Delivery Groups. In my case I know one Delivery Controller is switched off and I have not enabled Smart Scale for the other Delivery Group in the screen shot. You are also able to Sync Site Data.

Enabling Smart Scale

To enable Smart Scale this is done at a Delivery Group level.


The beauty of Smart Scale is you can control multiple sites from any location with internet access.

I can log on to my Citrix Cloud and check how many servers are up, if any machines are in maintenance mode and what my current site configuration is looking like. I can change my Server load easily by changing schedules and capacity management.

I feel this tool is only going to get better and more advanced over time.

The Smart Tools Suite allows you as the Citrix Partner to keep a close eye on your customer environments and provide that proactive touch. In my role as a Citrix Support Consultant it is a welcome addition to my ever growing arsenal of tools.

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