Citrix Cloud – Part 3

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Smart Checks

Smart Check is basically a mechanism to run periodic health checks in your site.

Citrix Partners can utilize scheduled checks to confirm Site Health.

It is part of the Smart Tools suite of products within the Citrix Cloud Services.

This article will only highlight screen shots rather than descriptive actions as this feature is still in preview mode and is subject to change.

What I want you to take away is the proactive ability this provides for your customers.

The screen shot below already has multiple sites added that are running Health Checks.

To link your site to Smart Tools you are required to download agent and run this on your Delivery Controller.

When you enter the Smart Check feature you are prompted to download the agent.


Once the agent is saved you should copy it and run it on your Delivery Controller.

Now click Next.

You can see in the screen shot below instructions on installing the agent. At this point you run the agent you just downloaded.

On the Controller run the agent:

Accept the terms and run through the setup.

Click Finish.

The Smart Tools agent set up is basically a next, next install on the delivery controller.

Once installed this will be detected and you can click next within the cloud portal.

Add your administrative site credentials.


Now you should see your site linked to the Smart Check utility.

Click the Get Started tab.

After clicking Get Started the site details are being uploaded.


Details about your site start appearing.

Once everything is uploaded you get some pretty good problem reporting on your site.


Navigating within your Smart Check site you can view health of your Delivery Controllers.

You can schedule a health check daily, weekly etc.

The screen shots below highlight some of the options.

You can set daily, weekly tasks and specific times to kick off the checks.


You can choose a Health report or site details.


We can drill down further into the sections for more information.

The next few screen shots show you information on services, controller availability and delivery groups.

Here I can see problematic services.

Smart Check is a pretty impressive addition to the Smart Tools suite and allows Citrix Partners to provide proactive rather than reactive measures to the Citrix environment.

If you want to know more about the Citrix Cloud I hope the articles so far have been informative and if you need help with transitioning and managing your Citrix environment to the Cloud I do have a Citrix Partner in mind who could help you đŸ˜‰

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