VMWare View 6 – Removing Stale Machines from View DB

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This tool must be executed on View Connection server.

Navigate to C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\Tools\bin

For example, to locate and list erroneous virtual machines, use ViewDbChk --scanMachines.
The ViewDBChk program will connect to the view database and list out machines with errors.

Enter ViewDbChk with the required flags as listed below into the  administrative command prompt to find and clean your database inconsistencies.

In order to remove the machines the desktop pool they reside in needs to be disabled.

Confirm you wish the faulty machine to be removed.

Once the machine is removed you will need to enable the pool.

The command ViewDbChk --scanMachines will remove one machine at a time. In my example I had 4  machines to remove so this was sufficient and I reran the procedure 4 times.

You can use the --limit option to increase machine removal limit.
Originally I had 4 machines showing errors . This typically happens when machines have been removed at Vcenter level and not via the View console. As a result they remain in the View database.

There were a couple of machines with odd name syntax that were removed from VCENTER (right click -Remove from inventory) during this process to help the clearing process.

I also restarted the following service to refresh the view console.


For memory refresh purposes!

Full details in the following link:




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