Xenapp 7.x SQL Express Single DB to SQL Mirror Multi DB Migration – Part 1

So, for one reason or other you are using SQL express and wish to introduce some best practice in to your production ready Xenapp environment.
Your goals are:

Xenapp should use full blown SQL.

Xenapp should have 3 Databases not one for Site, Monitoring and Logging.

Xenapp should have resiliency at the DB level.
Remember folks the most important 3 rules before any actions are carried out.



Go out in the evening without any worries.

  • Part 1 will provide the overview.
  • Part 2 will provide detailed steps for STAGE 1.
  • Part 3 will provide detailed steps for STAGE 2.
Backup your SQL DB.

Create Delivery Controller machine account Login within SQL Management Studio.

Restore your Xenapp Single Site DB to the new SQL server.

Check permissions on the DB

Test, Null and Set Connections

Test permissions from your Delivery Controller.

Null SQL connections from your delivery Controller

Set the connections on your delivery Controller to the new SQL server.
Create 3 Xenapp Databases

Change Recovery Model of all 3 DB's

Make a full backup of all 3 DB's

Make a transaction log of all 3 DB's

Create the Controller Logins on the SQL server acting as mirror

Failover and test permissions

Test, null and set connections on your delivery controllers

Test connections

Null Connections

Set Connections

Confirm and test connections to both SQL servers

Final word

In the next article we will go in to more detail for the initial stage.